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Does outstaffing mean additional organizational effort?

If done correctly, outstaffing even saves organizational effort. The acquisition and administration of your developers are carried out by us. There is no need for extra effort in your administration. Within the team itself, it is a question of the communication culture and the organization of the project. If you use agile methods such as Scrum, a developer can be seamlessly integrated outside.

Which language will be spoken?

English is already established as a technical language in computer science. Nowadays, every software developer has to be able to read and write in English, otherwise, for example, he will quickly reach his limits in further training. In agile development a lot of work is already done with the help of chat programs such as Slack, so a large part of the communication is done in written form. Switching to English is easier than you think. The limits are here in the communication of the team to the outside. Not only to the customer but also to other departments. We advise you where outstaffing could be best used and where the limits are.

How to handle software projects that cannot be partially outsourced?

Then we should talk to each other urgently! A monolithic software project or grown undocumented organizational structures are an existential threat to the project and consequently to your company. A modern agile and modular project can be distributed to several teams in any scale and thus also outsourced. I have unique competence built upon years of work experience in this field, and I can help you to transfer your project into a modern structure.

Do socio-cultural differences have impact on project development?

Some of our customers have had negative experiences with outstaffing or have heard bad things about it. But it doesn’t even have to be India, whose cultural differences to us are striking. There are already misunderstandings in Europe, for example in Romania or Hungary. With MCPK, this cannot happen for two reasons. The socio-cultural differences between Ukraine and Central Europe are minimal. Besides the language, the difference does not feel more prominent than the difference between Austria and Germany. Anyway, as MCPK has a German leadership, we know about the problems that may arise and counteract them at an early stage.

How long does it take to setup outstaffing

It takes a maximum of four weeks from the time you contact us to the time your new team members work for you. In contrast to the German-speaking countries, the acquisition of personnel in Ukraine is many times faster.

What is the difference between in-house development and outstaffing

Outstaffing is in-house development, especially if we do the outstaffing. These are your developers we look after; just imagine us as your office in another city.

How much money can my company save with outstaffing?

Depending on the qualification required, direct savings of up to 50% are possible in software development. In addition, there are indirect costs, such as savings in infrastructure and of course the better “time to market” for your product.

How long does it take until I receive my first CVs from potential candidates?

It takes an average of three working days from the time we have discussed your needs until the first CVs are sent. Based on your feedback, we can decide together in which way we want to intensify our search.

Can I visit you?

You can visit us at any time. Getting to know our staff personally helps to build trust, so we recommend a visit at the earliest possible stage. During such a visit we can also organize second interviews with candidates selected by you.

How much does it cost to evaluate potential candidates?

Just your time. There are no costs or obligations for the first steps. Only when you decide on a candidate, you have to sign the contracts.